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Tucson Construction Accidents Lawyer

is undergoing constant construction.  The roads have detours and the freeway system is expanding.  Further, some roads are being repaired and not every lane is available for use.  These factors result in road construction accidents. 

Construction Zones Create More Accidents

Construction zones create a higher likelihood for accidents.  At times, both the other driver and the county, or city, may be liable for the accident that caused your injuries.  This is because the construction zone may not be properly guarded or the appropriate traffic signs may not have been posted.  At the Lara Law Firm we investigate every possible claim against all possible parties. 

Claims Against the Government in Construction Accidents

Construction accidents may involve Pima County or the City of Tucson.  You may sue the County, or any other government entity, but you must file a Notice of Claim with that government body within 180 days of the accident.  Failure to mail or serve a Notice of Claim constitutes waiver of your right to sue in court.

Contact a Tucson Construction Accidents Attorney

If you need to file a Notice of Claim, or if a lawsuit is necessary, the Lara Law Firm will be happy to help.  We handle all types of automobile collision cases from car accidents to auto/pedestrian accidents to tractor trailer/automobile collisions.  Contact our office for a free consultation at 520-577-0707.


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