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Arizona Boating Accidents Attorney

Have you or a loved one been severely injured due to a boating accident in Arizona?

Our Tucson boating accident lawyers can help you recover payment for your personal injury losses.  Water accidents are common in Arizona due to the many visitors to our lakes and rivers.  

Water Accident Statistics

The United States Coast Guard reported 4,233 recreational boats in this country in the year 2011.  These incidents included damage to property, personal injuries, and even wrongful death claims. 

What causes boat and water accidents?

The negligence and inattention of boat drivers typically causes of boating accidents.  Also, excessive speed, operator inexperience, and the use of alcohol are leading causes to serious boating accidents.

Other common causes and factors of boating accidents may include:

  • Operating while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Operating in inclement weather condition
  • Inexperienced or negligent boat operator
  • Boating collision
  • Being thrown overboard or falling overboard
  • Careless boat driving or poor judgment
  • Accidents during water activities
  • Onboard explosion or fires
  • Electrocution due to lightning or striking a power line
  • Capsized or sinking boat


 Boating Accidents Attorney in Arizona

Boating accidents are reported every year in Theodore Roosevelt Lake in Gila County, Arizona.


What to do after a boating accident

If a boating accident occurs, the operator of the boat should file an accident report with the proper authorities if any of the following had occurred:

  • A person is severely injured and requires medical attention, or a life is lost due to the boat accident.

  • Property damage that totals more than $500.

  • The accident causes complete damage to the water vessel.

  • A person has disappeared from the vessel with potential circumstances of death or severe injury.

Death, disappearance, or injury reports should be filed as soon as possible and no later than within 48 hours.  Damage reports should be filed within 10 days.

Legal Help for Boat Accident Victims

Have you or a family member suffered a severe injury as a result of an Arizona boating incident? Our Arizona Boating Accident Lawyer can help you!  Contact the Lara Law Firm at 520-577-0707.


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